You can now own Reagans House of the Future of the Past.

So basically for a cool $5 million, or a little less than what Barack Obama spent of your money on his Hawaiian vacation, you can own the house where Ronald and Nancy Reagan were the night Jimmy Carter made his delicious concession call: a 4,756 square foot, four-bedroom, four-bath ranch with a view in in Pacific Palisades that is an honest-to-Draper great big ball of of mid-century how-the-world-will-look-in-40-years modern awesomeness.

Check out that pool. It’s basically the perfect backdrop to get drink on Old Fashioneds in your girdle and bullet bra. Served to perfection by a robot butler, of course (also check out that bathroom).

Because Ronald Reagan was the face of the General Electric company – and the host of General Electric Theater in the early 1950s, along with a bunch of GE’s anti-regulation messages – the fully-electric house was tricked out with nearly every “modern convenience” GE could cook up, including one of the very first energy-efficient home control devices that let you set the atmospheric temperature and interior lights from a panel of buttons that I can’t find on the slideshow but am sure look like they belong on a space ship in a comic book. And a garbage disposal.

And if all that fails, Lindsay Lohan’s LA rental is back on the market in April.

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