Brady Campaign says its totally better to get raped than shoot someone. Or something.

UPDATE: The ad is satire. It has to be. There’s no way this is real. It makes it’s point. You can read the original post after the jump. I’m leaving it up here in the unlikely event that it turns out to be true. Well, that, and if we delete it someone will whine about us deleting things we make mistakes about.

The Brady Campaign issued a statement:

A highly offensive ad has begun to appear online bearing the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence logo. The Brady Campaign has no affiliation with this ad in any way. We are working hard to have it removed and want to assure our supporters in the strongest terms, that we have no involvement with this whatsoever. Thank you all for your continued support.

UPDATE II: Alert reader Nick (and commentor JW) send along a screenshot of the ad allegedly posted on the Brady campaign’s Facebook page with 1,904 shares and a number of outraged comments…so looks like this might be real after all. Maybe. Possibly. I still want to be skeptical because, well, they can’t be this f***ing stupid and they seem to have distanced themselves from the ad itself, rather than take responsibility, which I assume they would if the ad was every on their page at any time. Can they? I still can’t track down any reliable links directly to the Facebook page itself, and this could very easily be Photoshopped. So take it with a grain of salt, I guess.

Judge for yourself, the screenshot is after the jump.

UPDATE III: Looks like both of these images showed up on Reddit a couple of days ago in an effort to troll the r/guns page, so we’re putting this to bed for now. Besides, we found the image in a BBC article from 2010.





ORIGINAL POST: Living in Chicago, I have no dog in this gun control fight. If the zombies come for me, I’ll be holed up in my house brandishing a broomstick and large frying pan, which should be fairly effective, but nowhere near what is needed to effectively defend myself from a charging horde of the undead. Because in Illinois, despite having 500 murders a year in Chicago alone – and that number is a low estimate because apparently gang-bangers have terrible aim – we are committed to taking guns off the streets and out of the hands of the people who might actually need them.

But whatever. At any rate, this is getting to be a touchy subject with the proletariat these days as the powers that be move to disarm the townspeople in the name of peace and justice and less violence everywhere except in the movies the people who are speaking out against gun violence make. The Brady campaign, named for the guy who took a bullet for Ronald Reagan, has been in the middle of this fight for years, but only this time around have the produced what appears to be a campaign advocating for the rape of unarmed women.

Take a look:

Yes, ladies. If you get raped by an HIV-infected, drug-addled schizophrenic sociopath, it will only last thirty seconds! But if you use a weapon to kill that son of a bitch who tried to tear off your panties in a back alley, you might be committing murder! Which will hurt for a lot longer than it takes for you to lay back and enjoy being sexually violated! Heck, you might even enjoy being raped. But you probably won’t enjoy shooting someone in your own self-defense from a violent attack!

What the f**k, Brady Campaign. What the ever-loving f**k.

Look, as a firmly committed libertarian, I see owning a gun as an extension of your natural right to protect yourself and your property from harm and incursion. I’m not saying everyone should be armed to the teeth with semi-automatics. This isn’t Texas. We aren’t fighting a three hundred year old civil war against a race of super-soldiers or whatever. But gun ownership is an enshrined freedom and a choice, and frankly, as a chick who weighs 100 pounds soaking wet, being armed seems like a pretty good equalizer against lunatic would-be rapists. But that’s just me. I guess I never stopped to consider how short and pleasurable a rape might be compared to stopping an attacker in his tracks with a quick shot to the naughty bits.

But, thanks Brady Campaign for pointing out the more positive points of sexual assault. I would have just assumed it was all pain and violation and shame otherwise. Now I know it’s better than defending myself. Or whatever.

UPDATE: We are seeking the source URL for the ad and hoping it’s a hoax since it appears to have been removed.

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