Colorado Democrat of the year is hardcore into this wealth redistribution thing

If there’s anything we’ve learned from reality television, it’s that people who routinely express opinions also routinely follow through on those opinions in the most inappropriate way possible. Out of such commitment and fortitude emerge some of the most memorable moments in television history, from both of those times that one of the Kardashians managed to yank her own child out of her vagina, a blooper reel’s worth of second floorJersey Shore vomit scenes, and whatever currently passes for Tiffany Amber Thiessen.

And this Colorado Democrat, who was recently named Democrat of the Year for the whole of Jefferson County, possibly as a result of the fact that he robbed a 70-year old blind woman who was also disabled.

The woman named “Democrat of The Year” this year by the Jefferson County Democratic Party has been convicted of felony theft by a Jefferson County jury for stealing from a developmentally disabled 71-year-old woman.

“The jury did right,” said Cindy Maxwell, an advocate for the victim.

On Thursday, a jury convicted 66-year-old Estelle Carson of felony identify theft and felony theft from an at risk adult for stealing checks from the woman and using them to pay her own cable, cell phone and internet bills.

The best part? Well, other than the part where the woman she stole from was on a fixed income of less than $600 per month, all of it needed welfare, because – and this can’t be stressed enough – the woman was blind, developmentally disabled, confined to a wheelchair and suffering from Cerebral Palsy? The Democratic Party of Jefferson County knew all about the charges and still honored her. Because she apparently exemplified the Democratic Party in Jefferson County.

Or something.

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