Morning Report: The re-reckoning

2013 is starting out pretty sh*tty, people. I’m not gonna lie.

1. My all time favorite politician Jennifer Granholm has elected to quit CurrentTV in the wake of it’s sale to Al Jazeera. So she’ll be going back to teaching your children about how to run an economy into the ground and making personal appearances at shopping malls.

2. The chick that Obama was pictured hugging as he toured Sandy’s devastation in New York and New Jersey area got a form letter from the White House for her troubles. And she’s pretty pissed about it.

3. John Boehner is still the Speaker of the House. Because that’s what happens when no one else wants the job.

4. America has a fever. And the only prescription is more movies of Hillary Clinton in the 70s.

5. Workers who make $30,000 will take a bigger tax hit, by percentage, than workers making $500,000 under the new and improved Payroll Tax non-holiday requested by the Obama administration.

This week needs to end, America.

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