Smallest Paul campaigns for freedom of expression in airport

I quite like Rand Paul. I mean, I kinda like Ron Paul, too, but occasionally – and I mean this with as much love and charity as possible – there is a downside to hitting that certain critical mass of crazy. In a way, it keeps things interesting, but it also keeps the Republican party stealing your ideas from four years ago and calling them their own and occasionally attributing them to Michelle Bachmann, which is a tragedy that should happen to no one ever. Rand strikes a certain balance between f***ing crazy and “able to understand televisions appearances do not require the wearing of nice pants” and I like that.

And Rand Paul is supposedly running for President, which is why it makes complete sense that he should have at least one offspring with the penchant for drinking on modes of transportation before noon.

The 19-year-old son of Sen. Rand Paul and grandson of former presidential candidate Ron Paul was arrested Saturday morning for allegedly being intoxicated at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport.

William Hilton Paul arrived in Charlotte, N.C., on a U.S. Airways flight from Lexington, Ky., where his father is a U.S. senator.

According to Lt. Blake Hollar with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Paul was intoxicated when he arrived at the airport and said “he was possibly served alcohol on the flight.”

He was booked at the local PD for three misdemeanors, which means he has a ways to go before he achieves Kennedy levels, but given the time of the arrest, 10:49am, it seems he could be well on his way to high achievement. Thankfully, Rand Paul has an astute communications team, which quickly responded to the situation by declaring that all teenagers are idiots, which is not only true, but likely to endear Rand Paul to pretty much anyone who has ever met a 19-year-old.

Also, parents, don’t name your children after hotel chains whose heirs can’t set foot in Las Vegas without a required club fee.

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