Morning Report: The response?

We’ve been almost a year without snow in Chicago. Because Global Warming and whatever. And it’s supposed to be sixty degrees here on Saturday. Not that I’m complaining. But someone is, I’m sure. Weirdly, what we’ve lacked in snowfall, we’ve made up in gun injuries. You can’t have it all, people.

1. If you were going to give a title to Obama’s slate of Cabinet nominees, you could probably make some headway with “Binders Full of Dudes.” Old, white dudes to be exact.

2. The White House has noted that it will respond to the petition to deport Piers Morgan. Unfortunately, the response will probably not be “deporting Piers Morgan.” Because the UK spent 40 years trying to get rid of him and doesn’t want him back.

3. Chuck Hagel is the Todd Akin of Defense Secretary nominees.

4. Ed Schultz, who is an expert in these matters, apparently, thinks that Chicago, which has the strictest gun control laws in the nation, has no gun control laws.

5. Planned Parenthood makes nearly half its revenue from the Federal government, taking in a whopping $546 million in taxpayer funds last year. And you probably still have to give them a co-pay for your herpes diagnosis.

It’s Tuesday, America. Still just Tuesday.

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