Morning Report: Binders full of white dudes

The march of the old white dudes continues unabated. Which means that every pseudo-feminist who took a jab at Mitt Romney for considering the resumes of qualified females for positions in his gubernatorial administration should be forced to write sentences about how they failed to adequately prove their usefulness to their chosen administration. And dunce caps for all the ones who dressed like binders for Halloween. Though to be fair, they dressed like a political meme for Halloween, which means they probably don’t have friends anyway.

1. That whole “armed guards at schools” thing was annoying for it’s use of guns, but once Democrats discovered it involve spending tons of cash on public institutions, they were all totally for it.

2. Public universities pretty much don’t offer any real history classes anymore.

3. When all else fails, try to raise cash by knocking around a man who loves the audience he gains from it.

4. In the event you were a drug addict who occasionally broke into a hospital or two to feed your painkiller addiction, because you’re an idiot and that scenario can’t possibly have a downside, Mayor Bloomberg will now restrict the more potent drugs available to hospital patients.

5. Obama and Bush will now have the lifetime protection of men with large guns.

It’s getting better all the time, America.

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