Former Obama campaign workers now shockingly affected by Obama economy

The point of this story seems to be that America’s supply of white, middle-class hipsters (no, seriously, look at this man’s mustache) has been summarily denied access to one of America’s most important events: the Presidential Inauguration. Their rationale for being declined an invite seems overly simplistic (oversight), and is probably more likely the result of the fact that this event will be broadcast worldwide and America would rather not show the rest of the globe that those responsible for getting our President re-elected look like they got slapped by a gypsy with a power wrench.

The bulk of the story is mostly complaining that a campaign that is still technically in debt and asking for contributions wouldn’t pay for trips to DC for low-level campaign staffers who took time out of their busy lives of artisinal cheese-making and womyn’s craft collective operation to knock doors for their dear leader. Apparently, even a $10 admission fee to the staff ball was just too much to ask. But the real lead is about ten paragraphs down the page.

Obama staffers were paid substantially less than Romney staffers in similar jobs in 2012, and many took pay cuts of $30,000-range from prior jobs, former staffers say. The final payday for staffers was the Friday after the election, as opposed to weeks later for the Republican campaign; health insurance was cut off in November as well.

Many remain unemployed.

A spokesperson for the inaugural committee — who would also only speak on the condition of anonymity — said the campaign is taking steps to take care of former staffers, including an “alumni week for staff and top volunteers that didn’t exist after 2008 to help them navigate the jobs process and make sure they were fully included in the inaugural events.”

Forget the bitter irony of an administration concerned with jobs and universal health coverages leaving their campaign workers high and dry, or the weird belief these people have that a former employer somehow owes them future employment, for a moment and let that middle line sink in.

Many remain unemployed.

Apparently, the economy, which was chugging along enough in 2008 to provide a safety net for recent grad students and people with enough basic qualifications to stuff envelopes, has taken a turn for the worse somewhere along the line, resulting in a diminished job market for unskilled labor. This was a likely result of certain economic recovery practices that these same people thought wereso f***ing awesome, they helped bring about four years of same. And now, everyone’s just standing around staring blankly at the walls and wondering how they got here, like it’s some sort of shocking turn of events from left field.

Weird, man.

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