Ken Salazar may be retiring, but it just means someone else will get his bathroom.

Adding to the flood of “now hiring” advertisements recently posted by the Obama Administration, today Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, has announced that he will leave his post at the end of Obama’s first term. Not one to be left out of all of the fun had by such environmental luminaries as the EPA’s Lisa Jackson, Salazar will end his tenure as the author of a number of controversial proposals, including the Gulf drilling moratorium, which crippled the local economies of several Gulf states in the name of protecting the administration’s ability to send huge sums of money to doomed “alternative energy” corporations.

But a job and a reputation are not the only things Ken Salazar will leave behind. He’ll also have to give up one f***ing amazing bathroom that cost taxpayers almost a quarter million to remodel.

The personal bathroom used by the secretary of the Interior is so swanky that its renovation cost $222,000. No detail was overlooked: It has a $3,500 sub-zero refrigerator (hey, if you’re going to have a fridge in the bathroom, it might as well be a good one) and a $689 faucet. At least the “vintage tissue holder” was cheap: just $65 bucks.

The renovation was done in 2007 under President George W. Bush’s Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, but is only now coming to light, thanks to the dogged reporting by ABC News Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV, which first filed a Freedom of Information Act request on the renovation four years ago.

From now on, when you think Secretary of the Interior, think Secretary of Interior Design.

Also, if you were ever curious as to whether “compassionate conservatives” were as willing to spend your money as their counterparts across the aisle, from now on just remember that that man’s bathroom has a beer fridge that is probably bigger than your house.


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