Morning Report: A teensy mistake

While you read this, imagine me huddled in a corner awaiting the end of this week.

1. Apparently, 7 or 8 Americans (the number is unknown) were among those taken hostage by Al Qaeda in Algeria yesterday, though you haven’t heard it from the White House. Last night, Algeria tried to go it alone, and it seems some of them were killed. No word on whether there are Americans among the dead, but the numbers seem to betray at least a few.

2. Meanwhile, the media in this country is celebrating a decisive victory over those damned Nazis in the NRA.

3. 129 days after the last American was killed in North Africa, the FBI have finally showed up.

4. The idea of a gun ownership crisis of epic proportions seems to be completely lost on Al Franken.

5. The administration declared yesterday “Religious Freedom Day” in America, which should be a great comfort to everyone who is currently suing the Administration for infringing on their religious freedom.

Good luck, America and God speed.

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