White House is not fine with your Beyonce hatred.

They may have felt the responsible need to address concerns that the American people had about using the defense budget to build a Death Star, but the White House, to this point, has exercised almost no control over the We the People Petition Site, a terrible idea that allows random people to submit petitions directly to White House staff. The results have been nothing short of epic. Just today, you can find such gems as:

To be fair, these are all understandable positions. As is the position that Beyonce is a blight upon this once-great country’s commitment to excellence in music composition. And while the We the People site claims to honor everyone’s diverse requests, apparently, if your request is to have Beyonce politely un-invited from performing at the Inauguration, you’re out of luck.

The White House has removed a petition from its We the People Web site calling for singer Beyonce to be disinvited from performing the national anthem at President Obama’s inauguration.

The star and longtime Obama supporter has a $50 million sponsorship contract with PepsiCo. Public health advocates urged her to reconsider the deal last month, citing health issues linked to soft drinks.

To be honest, there are a lot of reasons to oppose Beyonce being invited to anything, but her being paid a lot of money to sell a soda that she probably doesn’t even drink anyway is a little much. But that didn’t stop the White House from falling all over itself trying to (1) assure the agitated public that Beyonce would not be drinking cases of Pepsi onstage, and (2) who gets invited is not part of their job. They farm that out. To other people who are basically the White House.

But whatever. BEYONCE.

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