Morning Report: The second term

We didn’t quite cover the Inauguration yesterday because, let’s face it. Neither did you. So instead, let’s just do a rundown of the five best photos from yesterday. Or rather, the four best photos and the one best video, possibly ever.

5. Bill Clinton is a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson.

4. Chuck Schumer is an equally big fan of Beyonce.

3. How the inauguration looked from Barack Obama’s perspective, which sort of makes you understand why he wanted to take a second to take it all in.

2. Malia Obama is adorable. Watch her photobomb a pic of her parents kissing.

1. Watch Michelle Obama do the most epic eyeroll at John Boehner possibly ever (with bonus Obama picking his nose).

Here begins the second term. We’re more than halfway through.

  1. Bill

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