Joe Biden knows how to ward off the zombie apocalpyse.

Listen, America. When the end of the world happens, there are weapons you should have and there are weapons you shouldn’t have. Because when you’re in the Thunderdome, dressed in bits of armor you stripped off a rotting Schwinn, fighting your neighbors for the last intact can of tuna fish on the planet or the sweet release of death, it is important to note that while assault weapons seem, outwardly, to be the best and most effective method of self-protection, the truth is, as Joe Biden knows, that your better bet is a shotgun.

Joe seems to have neglected a number of variables here. First, shotguns are useful against zombie hordes, provided you do not live in a cold climate where zombies would freeze to death, and you are unable to get ahold of a blunt instrument, but they wouldn’t prove particularly efficient in an end-of-the-world scenario, where rivals for food and other noteworthy items would more likely be fully human and not undead. In that case, the best weapon would likely be somewhere between a hardy utility gun for hunting and a fearsome, possibly semi-automatic rifle designed to repel intruders on your property from a safe distance.

Thankfully, Joe Biden will be in possession of an inferior weapon. Which means his Trans Am will be ripe for the taking.

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