Las Vegas Democrat assemblyman can do his job shirtless and possibly on drugs, dammit.

Steven Brooks has had a terrible month, apparently. First, there was that whole thing about him taking a gun with him when he allegedly decided to threaten a fellow Las Vegas assemblyman, for which he got arrested. Then there was this whole thing about his wife thinking he was crazy. And then, there was an incident with a television that he possibly broke but told people it happened while he was helping a dude who didn’t like him move, for no reason he can remember. And then there was this thing where he was jumped by gangsters in north Las Vegas that the police have never heard of.

But whatever, this is an interview with a real newspaper and he’s put all of it behind him because he has a court date and he wants fairness and justice and possibly there are spiders crawling all over his skin, which is why he’s doing this shirtless.

The disjointed, 35-minute interview took place in a sparsely furnished North Las Vegas apartment. Present were Brooks, his attorney, Mitchell Posin, and a man who only identified himself as Darren and said he is Brooks’ driver.

Brooks was shirtless much of the time, walking with a heavy limp and showing a reporter myriad swollen spots on his face, neck and torso that he and Posin attributed to mistreatment before and after his arrest.

Brooks, who frequently veered off topic and consulted Posin privately at times, vowed he would be exonerated in court and said he intends to serve in the legislative session, which starts Feb. 4.

Whatever happens in Vegas apparently stays long enough to get elected. But we already knew that based on any interaction anyone had with Sharron Angle.

Luckily, this gentleman, who appears to be in serious need of help, has acquired an excellent legal team made up of a dude with 51 professional conduct violations on his record with the Nevada Bar, and says nothing on the record that could ever be construed as the ramblings of a man with issues. And regardless of his mental condition or threat of indictment, he’s still doing his job in the Nevada Assembly where he serves on several important committees.

Now, I would normally insert a comment about how when its Democrats who do this kind of stuff, you never really hear about it, but that’s not entirely true. When Republicans go crazy, it usually takes a little while for someone to notice, because you have to do the public records searches first or clearly identify the mystery companion in that news photo as a hired male prostitute. When Democrats go crazy, they really know how to go crazy, and you have to hand it to this man. He has spunk. Serious, possibly contagious, spunk.


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