Sen. Bob Menendez was taking sexy vacations to the Dominican Republic, possibly. Allegedly.

Now that Sen. Bob Menendez has been safely re-elected by the citizens of New Jersey, thanks to some quick thinking on the part of ICE agents who held off arresting the illegal alien sex offender who was working in his office on immigration issues, you’d think things might finally calm down for him. But no.

Apparently, Bob, who has been thought to have engaged in sexy vacation time before, on the dime (and the plane) of a major Democratic donor, has now run afoul of the FBI, who seem to be investigating him not just for a few unscheduled holidays in the Dominican Republic, where he boosted their economy by underpaying the women in their sex trade, but for having private sexy time with women there who weren’t quite “of age.”

A Democratic senator has been accused of hiring underage prostitutes during trips to the Dominican Republic, it was claimed today.

Sen. Bob Menendez, 59, from New Jersey allegedly hired girls as young as 16 years old for sex, according to an email exchange between a source and an FBI agent published online. Prostitution is legal in the Dominican Republic but the legal age of consent is 18.

Menendez, a divorced father of two, has denied the allegations.

Apparently, when Menendez made his campaign commitment to “fight back for women,” he actually meant against the crushing oppression of the Dominican Republic’s age of consent laws. Sort of explains the compulsory contraception stuff he kept talking about.

At any rate, an FBI special agent reached out to a source named Peter Williams back in August, seeking information about Bob’s travels, identifying himself as a member of an FBI task force specializing in crimes against children. Williams, it seems, had given the agent reliable information on Bob’s activities before, and the agent, Chavez, was looking to put names and faces to allegations Williams was making about the Senator’s exploits.

‘If you can give me … information on all the young ladies who were victimized that would be helpful,’ Chavez wrote in an email on Sept. 12, 2012, about one month after their initial correspondence. ‘As far as the information you have provided, we have been able to confirm most of it. We know that you are providing accurate information and that is why it is imperative for us to meet in person with you and with all of those involved.’

Chavez wanted Williams to accompany him on a trip to the Dominican Republic to investigate the allegations firsthand, but Williams refused to travel and, subsequently, refused a meeting with Chavez, citing difficulties he was having with other collaborators on the Menendez investigation.

The idea that Menendez engaged underage prostitutes is not necessarily new to the overall allegations, just that the FBI was possibly working to get further details. Back in October, when allegations were first made, the Daily Caller published a video purporting to show interviews with two women who had taken money from Menendez in return for sex. One of the women claimed that she met and slept with Menendez on her 17th birthday, putting her still under DR’s age of consent.

Dude should have definitely stuck to the immigration thing.

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