Chuck Schumer is no longer in Beyonce’s fan club, wants apology.

There is only room for one diva in this town and New York Senator Chuck Schumer is damned if that diva is going to be Beyonce Knowles. How dare she move her lips without speaking at one of the most important events of our time as though no one in DC has ever talked for hours and said nothing before?

That is his f***ing game and he’s not going to let anyone get away with taking it over.

A source close to Sen. Charles Schumer tells ITK the New York Democrat considers the so-called “lip-sync-gate” involving Beyoncé a “big fat nothingburger,” saying, “He loves Beyoncé and wishes people would leave her alone.”

A Monday headline in the New York Post had claimed Schumer, the chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, wanted “an apology” from the “Single Ladies” singer for reportedly lip-syncing the national anthem at last week’s presidential inauguration.

Schumer maintains the Post is off base, that he and Beyonce are actually BFFs and that he dances in the shower to her music all the time, especially, “Single Ladies.” Also, he recognizes that Beyonce performed for free and that when someone does something at no cost, which is rare in government, you get what you pay for.

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