OFA off to resounding start as corporate front group, possibly complete failure.

Just short of two weeks ago, Organizing for America announced that it would translate its massive grassroots campaign network into a national powerhouse with designs on getting the President’s agenda enacted through peer pressure and the sheer will of bored old people with unlimited phone service, funded by twenty- and ten-dollar donations scraped from the pocketbooks of citizens intent on bringing about change toward a better, more khaki world, all under the confident and competent direction of the people who made Obama’s second term possible, armed with servers full of demographic information.

And then, Organizing for America had its first meeting of the minds and everything immediately went to sh*t.

In its first days, Organizing for Action has closely affiliated itself with insider liberal organizations funded by mega-donors like George Soros and corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Citi and Duke Energy.

And it has quietly sought support from the same rich donors who backed Obama’s campaigns, asking for help from Democratic donors and bundlers in town for the Inauguration at a closed-door corporate-sponsored confab that featured Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker.

In fact, invitations for the Saturday meeting at the Newseum where Organizing for Action was unveiled for the liberal big-money set came from Obama’s National Finance Committee (one member of which gave a transferable ticket to POLITICO), as well as the Presidential Inaugural Committee, the Center for American Progress and Media Matters.

Yeah, you read that right. Citibank. But that’s not even the extent of corporate involvement. The event was sponsored by the Road Ahead commission, which features a list of corporate members that reads like an Occupy Wall Street target handbook, from AT&T to Microsoft to Hilton to Wal-Mart. And in case you thought they were just casual observers invited so that they could see what havoc was going to be wreaked on their iron grip on government by grassroots anti-corporatists by a furious and inflamed public, OFA leadership assured them that “there would be a place for everyone.”

Guess it’s good they went with that super-secret 501(c)(4) structure option.

Thankfully, OFA may never get to that point. Despite a lot of fanfare about their AWESOME AND INCREDIBLE POWER, the first task on OFA’s agenda – pushing legislators to support comprehensive gun control – seems to have been about as successful as their commitment to antagonize America’s preening corporate overlords.

President Barack Obama’s campaign operation appeared to be getting off to a shakey start Friday, sending out an ill-timed email calling on millions of supporters to flood the Capitol Hill switchboard with calls supporting gun control…

But the Obama email, penned by Former Obama campaign manager and National Chairman for OFA Jim Messina, didn’t seem to be having much of an effect Friday afternoon. Five Democratic and Republican offices contacted by Buzzfeed from Illinois, Kentucky, California, Oklahoma and Tennessee reported either normal or below normal call traffic during Friday afternoon, and no perceptible increase in calls about gun control.

One of the offices indicated it was unclear if it received any calls on the issue at all during the day Friday.

First off, isn’t the first rule of direct email that you don’t send it on Friday when no one cares and everyone is probably drunk? And also, why would you target Democrats in Illinois? That’s like committing to help Jim Messina look more like the police sketch of a man trying to lure children into his Geo Tracker. You can do it, but the goal has already been reached. And surpassed. Some technological geniuses these guys are turning out to be.

Of course, the other problem is that people who care about elections don’t always care about the crap that goes on after the elections because they just assume they have one job to do and you idiots are supposed to take care of the rest. They have other things to attend to. Like pulling out each others weaves over city housing vouchers.

It is comforting to know that the most powerful election tool in history seems to have hit a brick wall with low-information voters. There might just be hope for the GOP, then.

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