Tim Robbins gives to Republicans, probably never speaks to Susan Sarandon now.

Back in March of last year, longtime Hollywood couple Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon called it quits, leading many people to question their purpose for existing, and probably Tim Robbins’ and Susan Sarandon’s purposes for existing. They declined to say why they were breaking up, but something tells me that newly uncovered information about Tim’s political giving habits might explain why he could no longer live in the same house as the woman who practically invented Hollywood liberal animosity.

All this time, he’s been writing checks to Republicans. And not, like, the Republicans you’d expect Hollywood types to like, like the “moderate,” “thinking” ones that Aaron Sorkin always puts in his dramas who aren’t really Republicans but are basically Democrats who just tend to believe in lower taxes.

He gave money to Michele Bachmann.

For more than 20 years, the Oscar-winning actor-director was one of Hollywood’s most visibly committed lefties, both as activist and artist. He and longtime partner (and “Bull Durham” co-star) Susan Sarandon dependably aligned themselves with the radical left, whether opposing the Gulf War right from the start or backing Ralph Nader’s quixotic 2000 campaign for President. As an actor and director, Mr. Robbins satirized the right (“Bob Roberts”) and sanctified the left (“Cradle Will Rock”).

Then, in 2006, Mr. Robbins broke political character in a truly strange way. According to Federal Election Commission records, Mr. Robbins donated $500 apiece to ten Republicans, including tea party stalwarts Rep. Michele Bachmann and J.D. Hayworth, who mounted a primary challenge to longtime incumbent John McCain for the Arizona GOP Senate nomination in 2010.

When asked about his donations at public events, he initially denied having made them, explaining that he wasn’t responsible for his own political donations but rather farmed out the responsibility to his Republican accountant. He then noted that, more than being opposed to any particular political party, he was opposed to divisiveness and to a culture that turns political discourse into entertainment. So he says he supports louder voices so that there’s greater discussion about issues. Which sort of makes sense, until it doesn’t but whatever.

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