Karl Lagerfeld hates Michelle Obama’s hair.

The Chanel head is definitely not a fan of bangs, and thinks they make the First Lady look like an entertainment reporter. But other than that, he thinks she’s fabulous.

Karl Lagerfeld—Chanel designer, cat coddler, and Pippa Middleton–face detractor—has taken a startling contrarian stance on Michelle Obama’s new, undeniably (we thought!) adorable bangs. Lagerfeld addressed the First Lady’s hairstyle on Le Petit Journal, a French television show where he had been invited to discuss Paris Fashion Week.

As an apparent aside, the ponytailed designer revealed, “I don’t understand the change of hair . . . Frankly, the fringe was a bad idea. It’s not good.” He also noted that Mrs. Obama now resembles “une speakerine de LCI,” or an anchor on the French news network LCI.

Apparently, he thinks it was a ploy to earn the favor of Anna Wintour, who President Obama just ended up pissing off anyway.

Oh, well. Guess she won’t be wearing Chanel anytime soon.

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