Morning Report: Groundhog day!

I feel like we’ve been here before. Do you feel like we’ve been here before?

1. Geraldo Rivera, or Jerry Rivers as his FEC papers will read, is considering a run for Senate in New Jersey. As a Republican. If this does not happen, my faith in humanity as we know it will be shaken. TO THE CORE.

2. The HHS mandate was the focus of the War on Women. People who opposed it were attacking the very freedoms that kept women from being chained to their ovens, barefoot and possibly pregnant with triplets. Which, of course, means that the Obama Administration is the latest attacker.

3. The unemployment rate has risen. Unexpectedly.

4. The Romney campaign quietly donated $90K to Sandy relief and didn’t publicize it. Which should probably improve Chris Christie’s assessment of the situation. If it also came with cake.

5. An armed guard in a middle school stopped a school shooting yesterday. Which is weird, since Joe Biden made it clear this morning that nothing anyone could ever do would stop a school shooting.

I feel like we’ve been here before, America.

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