Morning Report: So yes, it’s 11am.

I get it. But it was a short weekend. And I have to bathe a cat today.

1. Karl Rove will be spending lots of money in the next election cycle.

2. Chuck Hagel isn’t getting rave reviews from the White House, which means he’s pretty much not getting rave reviews from anyone.

3. John Kerry will do his level, long-faced best to fill those empty heels at the State Department.

4. Iran fakes putting one monkey in orbit and all of a sudden they have a space program.

5. You’ve already seen it, but let’s just give it its due: Obama released a photo of him skeet shooting, aiming incorrectly, using poor form, the wrong sunglasses and wearing Mom jeans. And then he told America that they’d had better not Photoshop it.

There’s more, America. So much more.

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