Ain’t too proud to beg. For money. For this website. Seriously.

So. You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit harder to get ahold of lately. Nothing’s wrong, just preparing for the next shift in NakedDC’s illustrious timeline. As in, we’re getting ready to go big time.

As in, big time.

But before we can do that, as you also may have noticed, we are in definite need of a makeover. This site was great when it was just me, talking to you about stuff that would drive any normal human being insane, but you’re not normal because you’re on the Internet, but let’s face it, it’s…for beginners. NakedDC is looking to expand, get flashier, prettier, sexier…all that good stuff. And in order to do that, we desperately need your help.

So the team has started a little project to raise $1,500.

For your generous donation, you will get an excellent prize – one of our brand new logo coffee mugs or flasks, plus free ad space if you donate $100 or more. And if you donate the whole thing, well, we’ll buy you lunch. And give you a mug. And probably let you say you write for us. And maybe even give you a hug.

With the money, we’ll be paying for a new site design, new hosting, new writers and all that good stuff. So if you can find it in your heart, please help us out. Or at least tell your friends who have money about it.

Much love,

Emily and the entire NakedDC team, which includes the cats.

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