Morning Report: The end of an era

We’ll get to the Top Secret White House Memos in a moment, but first, let us pour one out for the Hillary Clinton 2008 campaign, which, despite it’s catchy theme songs (by Celine Dion!) and engaging signage (Hillary! 2008!), was still trying to raise money to fund its failure right up until last week, when it quietly closed the doors on an era. Hillary Clinton is left with around $100K to start her 2012 campaign, which isn’t really enough to even buy pizza for the formative meeting.

1. Obama’s top speechwriter, Jon Favreau, is moving on, probably to write the Obama made-for-television movie.

2. Nancy Pelosi held a very important domestic policy briefing last week during her appearance on 30 Rock‘s series finale. At the home of Norman Lear. For Barbara Streisand.

3. Right to Work is working quite rightly for Indiana.

4. Despite the White House campaign to save “your 2K” was quickly abandoned when they realized they needed to hike someone’s taxes, so it may as well be the middle class’s. Unfortunately, even that little effort was pointless in curbing DC’s revenue problem.

5. Harry Reid will bring gun control to the floor of the Senate. Mostly without gun control, though.

Keep your eyes on the sky, America. The government can probably kill you now.

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