Kim Kardashian is only opposed to violence committed with cheap guns.

Kim Kardashian tweeted (does that need a capital “T?”) out a plea to her seventeen million followers after the Sandy Hook massacre to sign on to the #sandyhookpromise to help end gun violence. Judging by the fact that Kim probably doesn’t look for deep answers to policy questions, one might presume that she would address such a complex problem by proposing stricter laws that prevent gun ownership.

One would presume wrong, I guess, unless that gun ownership restriction came with a special license to only own firearms worth more than a thousand dollars, such as this lovely jewel-encrusted House of Bijan pistol that Kim herself posted to her Instagram account over the weekend.

The gun seems to be a limited edition Colt revolver that Bijan sold back in the 1980s when such things were apparently commonplace. In addition to the real diamonds embedded in the gun’s handle, the gun came with a mink pouch (for use on the go) and a Baccarat crystal case, and it retailed for around $10,000 in 1980s money. Apparently, Bijan marketed the gun during the age of Wall Street extravagance based on “the need of prominent men among my clientele for a protective weapon appropriate to their lifestyle” and a regular Colt pistol just would not do.

Kim, who basically hooks on to anything that’s popular on Twitter in order to maximize her exposure, probably didn’t even think twice when she promoted the Sandy Hook hash tag, which is probably not unusual for her in any major life decision. Overall, she seems to actually be a proponent of firearm-based sport, having also tweeted about a lovely Yves Saint Laurent model pistol some time ago, and venturing out to shoot skeet (just like the President!) during an episode of this season’s Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, which I’m sure all of you watch.

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