George W. Bush is probably the best painter in history.

On Friday, as I was enjoying the fair vacation weather in Detroit, the Smoking Gun revealed that an “audacious” hacker had gotten into the Bush family’s private emails, exposing a very exiting and scandalous world of scheduling golf outings, family dinners and talking about whether George H.W. Bush was possibly going to die when he was hospitalized last month.

In addition to such grand details, however, the emails also exposed a hidden talent of George W. Bush.


Mostly himself.




This, of course, begs the question: is George W. Bush a good painter, or is he the greatest painter ever? Evidence certainly points to the latter. While his technique may seem…rudimentary…I prefer to view the works as rustic, portraying the naturalism of the subject as translated through the eye of, perhaps, a great impressionist. The composition is, of course, flawless, and clearly inspired by such great works as Van Gogh’s Room at Aries, or works by Florence Nelson, Henri Matisse and, American, Andrew Wyeth.

It is also interesting to note that both paintings feature water, though the subject of the painting does not appear fully immersed. And in either case, the perspective of the painter is above and behind his subject, offering a skewed, but not impersonal, view of the situation. One might suspect George W. Bush was downloading feelings and regrets into his works, if it weren’t so clear that these were done by George W. Bush.

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