Joe Biden would like to assure you he is not running for Pope.

75f316f0d312df124a2fa47a1f05e972The world is aghast at two things this morning, one, that Pope Benedict XVI will be the first Pope in 600 to hang up his very sparkly hat ahead of his death and, two, that the Obama Administration is still sending Joe Biden out on a bizarre tour of rural areas trying to push gun control to people who have entire barns full of weapons.

Thankfully, Joe Biden was able to successfully tap into the news of the day in order to calm the fears of an America public who simply could not fathom losing him to another country.

Vice President Joe Biden hailed Pope Benedict XVI’s retirement announcement, calling him a man of “great integrity.”

But first, Biden joked that he won’t be seeking to replace him.

“I am not running,” Biden said after hosting a gun violence summit here.

I know you are relieved.

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