Mark Sandford is releasing television ads now.

From a campaign perspective, this seems like an awful lot of money to spend for a primary that seems easily winnable – an awful lot of money that could be better spent building a voter database or a volunteer team for the inevitable and inevitably disastrous general election to fill the vacant South Carolina Senate seat.

But it’s not like people expect Mark Sanford to be, you know, paying attention to the task at hand.

He’s made government more accountable. By which he means, except that one time where he went AWOL as governor so that he could have sexytime with his Argentinian mistress. In Argentina. But it’s totally cool because he’s conservative and he’s going to change Washington. And he totally married his mistress, so despite what you’ve heard he has a firm grasp on this family values thing. In fact, he likes family values so much, he decided to have two families. On company time.

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