Morning Report: Vacation time?

Looks like everyone in the White House is headed for a mid-winter break. After all, it’s a tough job leading the country through an economic crisis, as Obama noted in his “fireside Google hangout” last week. Unlike his hero, FDR, however, Barack Obama knows when to bravely step aside to renew himself, so that the country can benefit from a relaxed and well-exercised President.

1. Barack Obama is spending the President’s Day holiday at a sprawling resort in Palm Springs, where, yesterday, he hit the links with Tiger Woods and the owner of the Houston Astros.

2. Michelle Obama, however, arrived in Aspen Friday to spend her vacation on the slopes.

3. Marco Rubio has sold enough water bottles based on his “disasterous, career-ending” SOTU sip, to fund either vacation.

4. Sen. Mary Landrieu would like you to pay higher taxes. She just isn’t “you.”

5. Obama has waived the ban on sending money to foreign armies that recruit and train child soldiers. Because, Nobel Peace Prize.

It’s a new week, America. FORWARD.

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