Barack Obama really liked that video of Mitt Romney’s 47% speech.

imagesThere are a number of competing theories as to why the GOP lost to Barack Obama so miserably in the 2012 elections. Some have to do with Karl Rove. Others have to do with the Tea Party. Or the insular nature of conservative media. Or a poorly run campaign. Or a complete failure to recognize that getting people to vote is a key element of an election. Also, there was Mitt Romney.

One thing that the GOP can’t ignore, but probably will, was it’s inability to effectively court what are known as “low-information voters,” people who like to vote, but would prefer to get their political news from reality television and Internet memes. I love these voters. They are my people. And while they may not be heavy researchers, the electoral landscape is such that they have considerable power. When Mitt Romney was secretly taped saying that 47% of Americans are probably freeloaders who run the government out of money on the backs of rich white people, it didn’t go over well with this particular segment of the population, partly because it’s insulting, and partly because it came in the context of a less-than-three-minute Internet video they could watch between Gangnam Style parodies.

And Barack Obama knows how lucky that was. Lucky enough to motivate him to hug someone.

Former President Jimmy Carter told CNN host Piers Morgan that President Barack Obama “ran across the room” and embraced James Carter — the former president’s grandson — to thank him for the infamous secretly taped “47 percent” video of Mitt Romney.

Obama and James Carter met for the first time last week while the president was in Atlanta.

“When James went to meet President Obama, President Obama ran across the room, embraced him and thanked him profusely for his time, by the way,” Carter told Morgan.

James Carter, if you remember, took that video of Mitt Romney so as to exact his revenge on an American public that viewed his grandfather as one of the most useless, damaging and forgettable Presidents in history, save for that one time that he fought off a killer rabbit in the middle of the woods. While the effort did next to nothing to improve the elder Carter’s legacy, which exists mostly because Carter was one of the most useless, damaging and forgettable Presidents in history, it did form the basis for the most successful communications overture of Obama’s campaign – one even a creepy photo of Jim Messina couldn’t undo. Which, I guess, depending on what happens with the economy, could actually save Jimmy Carter’s reputation.

So maybe this is a wait-and-see.


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