Code Pink just making up celebrity endorsements now

Screen-Shot-2013-02-27-at-1.15.05-PM-300x196Code Pink for Peace, whose more famous exploits include writing a $600,000 check to actual terrorists, and masterminding the Fall 2012 Giant Vagina Parade at every event associated with the election has a new cause: nagging the federal government to release internal memos relating to drones, drone strikes and the people killed by drone strikes. The cause is not entirely without merit, after all, even perennial Code Pink target George W. Bush didn’t  just kill people from the air.

For an organization that routinely tasks its members building not-to-scale paper-maiche versions of their ladyparts, though, finding a celebrity spokesperson must be hard. After all, not everyone wants to parade around with their head poking out of their labia. So, it was obviously a pretty big coup when Code Pink pegged down Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, to pen a letter to all the little vaginas out there, explaining the importance of government transparency.

Except, the letter was news to Jon Stewart.

On Wednesday afternoon, anti-war advocacy group Codepink posted a letter falsely stating that it was written by “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, calling for President Obama to hand over classified documents outlining the administration’s drone strike policy.

After explaining that “my friend Medea Benjamin,” a cofounder of Codepink, called Stewart to ask for his help, he agreed to pen an open letter to Codepink supporters to explain how they can help encourage Sen. Patrick Leahy, the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to get the drone documents.

While the post is signed “Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show,” and no clear indication is given that the letter is anything but authentic, the warning signs that Stewart did not pen the letter are clear.

There’s also the thing about how the letter, which you can find at the Huffington Post link, sounds next to nothing like Jon Stewart, indicating that whoever penned the letter had probably never heard of Jon Stewart before receiving the assignment. Because, first and foremost, it’s not funny. Also, Code Pink included a photo of Stewart, just for kicks, apparently, that is very clearly Photoshopped, because the head is much to big for the body. And while it’s still possible Stewart could be just a giant living bobblehead, I doubt it.

Good try, I guess. Seems a bit…masochistic…to try to take on the Daily Show, though. We’ll see…

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