Liberal PAC unfamiliar with geography, possibly into racism.

Mitch McConnell is facing down a potential primary challenge from feminist intellectual and noted Tennessee resident Ashley Judd, so obviously, it’s time that progressive outlets in Kentucky, where she intends to possibly challenge McConnell’s Senate seat, are wading into the water. The bad news is, they’re getting started early, which means McConnell will have to play catch up in the event that she does throw down the gauntlet.

The good news is, Progress Kentucky, one of the major liberal PACs in the state, has decided their first line of attack is abject racism against McConnell’s Taiwanese-American wife, former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao. Because obviously, the fact that McConnell is married to an Asian means he’s totally a mole for Chinese interests.


The link goes to a talk radio website, because if there’s any medium known for it’s moderate and rational take on the issues, it’s talk radio. Apparently, when she was at the Department of Labor, one dude was pretty sure she hated America because she was “Chinese.” Because, that’s not obviously a snap decision made based on someone’s race. Also, Elaine Chao isn’t technically “Chinese” by any standard other than America’s. She’s from Taiwan. Which hates China. But, whatever. Facts.

The best part of this may be, in fact, that Progress Kentucky has no interest in pulling back on the statement. First telling Kentucky media outlets that it’s fine because Ashley Judd has said some crazy things in the past and no one’s made her delete Twitters they find offensive (which is a hell of way to promote your chosen candidate), plus obviously it’s just the social media arm of their organization so it’s not like it’s representing them or being official or whatever. And then they told Talking Points Memo, which is by no means a conservative outlet, that they didn’t need to delete anything that people didn’t like, because they were only speaking truth to power and saying the tough stuff and if people don’t like it, that’s their problem.

So there.

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