Not to be outdone by IL Dems, IL GOP nominates convicted felon for Jackson seat.

imagesAs noted yesterday, the Illinois GOP is useless. I mean, you people probably already knew that, but I’m on a jag and I want to get it out of my system before I take it out on a poor, defenseless old lady phone-banking me for donations to a Congressional campaign that I know will lose, but have to pretend will win for the sake of maintaining my sanity in the face of certain doom.

Exhibit #1 might be the sudden realization that there was potential movement into the future, followed by the quick and bloody murder of any hope of appealing to a moderate base, lest such efforts be accompanied by the possibility of winning.

Exhibit #2 is probably the spate of candidates that the IL GOP put up to take on whoever won the Democratic nomination for the IL-2 Congressional seat vacated when Jesse Jackson, Jr. decided to use campaign donations to buy jewelry, furs and possibly the remains of any number of deceased rock legends. Instead of doing the most logical thing, which is spend covert cash to help Debbie Halvorson repel the influence of a Bloomberg-funded anti-gun PAC, they wasted cash running actual candidates. And because they always have their priorities straight, they used their energy to complain about how the media wasn’t taking their candidates seriously. Which was, quite frankly, probably a good thing, because the GOP candidate who ended up winning?

Let’s just say he fits in well with the district.

Republican voters are suggesting the 2nd Congressional District replace one felon with another after picking ex-convict Paul McKinley as the candidate to run for the seat recently ceded by former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

While official results in the GOP special election will not be certified until next month, McKinley had a 23-vote lead over Eric Wallace, a multimedia company owner from Flossmoor, with all precincts reporting Wednesday.

McKinley, a convicted felon who served nearly 20 years in state prison for burglaries, armed robberies and aggravated battery, declared victory. Wallace, however, was not willing to concede, and he called the prospect of McKinley representing the GOP “an embarrassment.”

McKinley, to drive the point home, apparently, considers himself the “Tea Party” candidate and chalks up his win to his own willingness to “stand up to the machine,” unlike his “opponent” who was basically a RINO like Mitt Romney. Because, obviously. It also helped that most Republicans crossed lines to, you know, vote for Debbie Halvorson, rather than allow Mike Bloomberg to dictate Chicago’s leadership from ten states away.

The good news is, at least one of McKinley’s felony convictions stems from threatening a public official, so this should all end well for everyone.

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