White House calls out gang of high school girls to deflect Bob Woodward threat

The big news today is that noted journalist Bob Woodward received what he took to be a threatening letter from a top White House aide, warning him that he would come to regret staking out the totally-supportable position that Barack Obama orchestrated the Doomsday Sequester Cuts as part of the 2011 deal to raise the debt ceiling. The released email exchange is a little…meh…on the subject of firm plans to break into Bob Woodwards house and boil his small pets, especially considering Woodward didn’t express unfettered outrage at the email when he first received it.

But whatever. It seems other people have received similar love notes from the Administration’s higher ups, and despite their position that they clearly lack guilt over plotting to toilet paper Bob Woodward’s district condo on a rainy night, the White House decided to respond to the allegations by, apparently, having a late night Princess Phone chat fest and all taking to Twitter at the same time to passively-aggressively swat at Bob Woodward with all the hormonal anxiety of flock of teen harpies.


The sarcasm and vague allusions to Bob Woodward’s declining mental acuity. It burrrrrrrnnnnnsss. I’m sure Bob Woodward is terrified at the potential truth of their allegations, particularly given that they are coming from such intellectual luminaries. More likely, he’s concerned that he had anything to do with David Axelrod’s personal development, and wonders how Robert Redford’s award-winning performance could have ever inspired such a disastrous mustache. Or, possibly, how little a White House staff has learned from a book about other insular, paranoid, bitter, sniping White House staff.

Also, it seems Stephanie Cutter missed the content-agreement memo, which while not unusual for Stephanie Cutter, is hilarious in the sense that a communications expert can’t even collaborate correctly on the fun part of communications, namely, being an asshole after hours on social media.

[via Weasel Zippers]

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