Arianna Huffington throws much better parties than you do.

House-Party-movieThere is only so much damage you can do in 4,400 square feet of space. I mean, its not that big. It’s like your parents house if you count their basement. And if its a New York City loft, it’s even harder to make that much of a mess because your neighbors will call the cops on you. Granted, the cops might not come, but that doesn’t stop your downstairs millionaire neighbor from trying.

Apparently, though, Arianna Huffington throws some wild parties. And those parties allegedly resulted in almost $300,000 worth of damage to her “vintage” Chelsea apartment, or at least that’s what a lawsuit filed by her former landlord seems to claim.

At $32,000 a month, this is not your run of the mill Chelsea loft, and that was no ordinary dining room table. Steel says that even though he told her not to use the apartment to entertain due to the loft’s “historical and aesthetic significance,” Huffington made copies of the elevator key, let her daughters use the place regularly and frequently hosted parties. Presumably as a result of such activities, virtually every wall was “gouged, stained and otherwise damaged” badly enough to require repainting, and the once pristine hardwood floor was damaged so badly it needed refinishing. The bathtub was stained, the kitchen cabinets were broken, candles and cosmetics had damaged the steel window seats, a mattress had been bloodied — it all sounds unpleasant. And that table. Designed by Steel’s famous architect father Charles Gwathmey, the piece of furniture was so dinged up, it had to be shipped back to the manufacturer for repairs.

Steele has reportedly kept $93,000 of Huffington’s security deposit, and Arianna vehemently denies that she caused any of the damage, calling the complaint a complete fabrication (aside from details about the address and the monthly rent).

Frankly, the $275,000 number seems a bit steep for what seem like routine apartment repairs. I’m not sure any tenant has ever left a rented abode without a few dinged walls and unidentifiable floor stains, though the bloody mattress thing is really gross. I mean, had that been me, I probably would have left a little cash or ordered a new mattress or something, because who wants that to show up in litigation papers? That’s public record, people.

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