Senator attempts to censor NRA-sponsored NASCAR race

nra-nascarAs Rob Port points out, the letter sent by Senator Chris Murphy to Rupert Murdoch (asking that Fox not air a NASCAR race tomorrow night because it is sponsored by the National Rifle association) fits the definition of attempted censorship.

Murphy sent this letter after NASCAR rebuffed his attempts to get the sponsorship dropped. NASCAR’s most recent response points out that the sponsorships are actually deals between the tracks and sponsors and also that the governing body takes no positions on any political debates.

Of course, Murphy attempts to exploit Newtown in his letters and he also accuses Fox of endorsing a position that is at odds with Murdoch’s personal position. Murphy also seems upset that this is taking place during the middle of the Senate debate on gun control legislation.

Murphy is also upset that firearms are given to the winner at the end of the race and that they are fired (using blanks.) Of course, he doesn’t mention that’s a tradition that predates the NRA sponsorship of the race or the fact that six-shooters (revolvers) are used.

NASCAR team owner Richard Childress (who owns several teams and was the car owner for Dale Earnhardt, Sr.) is a member of the NRA Board of Directors.

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