The Germans aren’t as crazy about Obama now that this whole spying thing happened.

We noted in the Morning Report that Obama’s crowd shrunk to 6,000 for today’s speech at the Brandenberg Gate from a high of 200,000 when people still thought “change you can believe in” referred to something other than chasing down a cell phone service provider without a court order from FISA. We also noted that his speech, which was delivered haltingly and very sweatily from the raised East German dias was basically ruined by the sun, which of course explains why the greatest threat to humanity has suddenly become Global Warming as opposed to, you know, an Iranian nuclear accident or something.

Funny thing is, though, the Germans seem less than enthusiastic about embracing this message, delivered from the same dias where Ronald Reagan declared an end to the Soviet Evil Empire and JFK called himself a jelly doughnut (the Russians were similarly unimpressed, but probably happy to hear we plan on proactively disarming ourselves for their convenience). In fact, lets just say they turned out in droves for a very different reason than to hear the dulcet tones of our dear leader.


Admit it, you’re pissed you didn’t think of it first. I know I am.

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