Barack Obama’s $100M African vacation is now a family affair.

20130627-094348.jpgBarack Obama is set to jet off to South Africa tomorrow, embarking on a rather long and costly African “goodwill tour” which has no actual economic or foreign policy purpose, but will prove to be a pretty fun vacation for his family, as they travel across sub-Saharan Africa using approximately $100M of your money.

Remember, America, you still can’t tour the White House because, apparently, the Obama Administration mandated that the Secret Service embrace their Sequester cuts by ending protection details that would help guide tourists through the people’s palace on Pennsylvania. Instead, a huge wad of cash is being spent sending them, armored vehicles and a whole entourage of protection to a continent we currently don’t care about so that everyone in the Obama family can experience world travel.

And we do mean, everyone.

In a move that can only fuel charges that his week-long trip to Africa is a de facto vacation, President Obama is taking his mother-in-law Marian Robinson and niece Leslie Robinson with him on Air Force One, which departed the United States this morning. Leslie is the daughter of First Lady Michelle Obama’s brother Craig.

Obama is already being accompanied by Mrs. Obama and their daughters Sasha and Malia. It’s not clear if other family members got aboard the presidential jet this morning. The press pool reporter, who eyed the Obama relatives, doesn’t mention any.

To be fair, I am also currently on vacation. But let me put it this way. My Hotwire hotel deal in Las Vegas isn’t costing the taxpayers anything unless something really takes a turn and I end up burning down most of the town, which given that it’s Vegas, is always a possibility, but let’s be fair here. Also, I’m not responsible for diplomacy. Not yet, anyway.

But given the latest news, apparently, neither is Barack Obama, so maybe we’re all closer than we think.

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