Weiner’s Internet victim lady is an Obama organizer, “political satirist.”

The Daily Show makes everyone think they’re capable of political satire. Let me tell you, it’s a tough job. I’ve been at it for hours already, and it takes dedication, research skills and several pairs of pants. And the ability, of course, to distance yourself from your material. It’s not a hard rule, per se, but it’s one a satirist necessarily ascribes to because hating everyone is the coal that drives this burning fire.

Thankfully, at least one aspiring satirist violated the rules. Meet “Sydney Leathers” (I’m presuming that’s not her real last name because if its her real last name, I can’t even begin to imagine my absolute terror at the majesty of the Universe), a Field Organizer for Obama for America, Indiana resident, raging political leftist and (former) Anthony Weiner fangirl who caught the attention of her hero on social media and began a relationship that led to today’s festivities.

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The evidence is still circumstantial, since “Leathers” has not responded to requests for comment, but it’s pretty convincing. The blurred out profile photos from Twitter and Formspring that appear in The Dirty’s direct message records seem awfully close to Sydney’s real-life, now-deleted social media accounts. And her sympathies, at least as expressed on Facebook, seem to be in the right place:

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She also listed him as her #3 hero (after Barack Obama and Bill Maher) and complained on a personal blog that the Democratic “spin machine” had failed to do it’s duty in the Weiner case, maintaining that Republicans have obviously done the same thing, they just haven’t gotten caught, so why should Anthony Weiner suffer?

Lest this be seen as slut-shaming, let’s get at least one thing clear. Whoever this girl is, Anthony Weiner seems to have taken advantage of what was a genuine regard for his status and authority. She might have known what she was getting into (after all, it was no secret that Anthony Weiner was married and had a young son), but I don’t for sure know that she knew how it was going to play out. Men like Weiner (and countless other men – and probably women – of power in DC and elsewhere) are predators and as consensual as their interactions seemed, his place in society gave him the upper hand, which he used to subjugate a girl who had a terrible mix of political aspirations and celebrity blinders.

Creepy-ass Carlos Danger. No wonder she’s already lawyered up. ugh.

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