Detroit teachers will be your “Sugar Baby” for school supplies.

I feel bad for teachers who have to pay out of pocket for their own school supplies, especially the ones in Detroit, when there is at least one abandoned building packed to the brim with rotting, unused schoolbooks because the public school administration is a festering cesspool of bureaucracy and corruption. But here’s the thing. You can make $500 working a part-time job during the summer holiday. I’m not saying it’s ideal and I’m not saying anyone should have to do it, because just saying that teachers should give up their vacation so their students have a better educational experience mandates sacrifices they shouldn’t be required to make.

But at least folding sweaters at the Gap doesn’t involve what could be accurately described as, um, “light prostitution.”

So, what are some Detroit women doing to offset their struggles in the classroom? Well, they’re becoming “sugar babies” of course —  seeking financial assistance from wealthy men online.

In the Detroit School District alone, more than 200 teachers are moonlighting as sugar babies to offset wage cuts and job losses, according to dating website How do they know? The website tallied up all the females registered in Detroit who list “teacher” as their occupation.

Apparently, $500 bucks is on the cheap side for a Sugar Baby request. The site’s founder notes that most ladies seeking an older gentleman as a source of income ask for at least $3,000 per month. And the number of Detroit teachers available for “companionship” on the website is actually relatively low compared to say, Philadelphia’s school district and Miami-Dade’s.

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