Shepard Fairey says Obama has killed hope.

Obey artist and the man behind that iconic Obama “hope” poster, Shepard Fairey (who is still, by the way, reeling from a copyright lawsuit filed over that poster by the Associated Press who don’t know the meaning of “derivative work”), says that Barack Obama killed all hope when he embraced drone warfare.

Via TMZ:

President Obama’s use of war drones is a buzzkill for the guy who created the ‘Hope’ campaign.

Shepard Fairey — the artist behind Obama’s ‘Hope’ poster — was clearly disappointed in the Prez while bouncing from the Chateau Marmont last night.

Fairey was crystal clear — Obama didn’t live up to expectations … and the word ‘Hope’ should be replaced on future posters. Many people credit Fairey’s handiwork with igniting the grassroots campaign that got Mr. O elected.What should replace ‘Hope’?

Check out the video.

Suffice it to say, the artist isn’t happy about Obama’s record. But he’s also coming out of the Chateau Marmont after midnight, so, you know.

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