Rep. Bruce Braley is mad that the Congressional gym is sans towel service now.

The country may be in the midst of a government shutdown that is preventing them from seeing America’s natural wonders, and plunging our federal employees into the depths of the middle class for just under two weeks, but all of the important stuff is still being funded, of course. No, not your foreign food inspections. And no, not those military death benefits that were authorized to go out last week but still haven’t been issues.

No, America, the Members-only Congressional gym is still operating at peak capacity so that your elected leaders can take much-needed breaks from not negotiating over funding the government on breaks from not negotiating over the debt ceiling  so that they don’t unwittingly miss leg day. But at least one Democratic member of Congress, Bruce Braley of Iowa, is upset that the service at said gym just isn’t what it used to be, after all, they furloughed the towel guys.

Also, Bruce would like you to know that no, the gym is not free for him to use. America, it costs Bruce Braley around $260 a year to look this good. What say you now, taxpaying peons?

UPDATE: That Congressional gym has some amazing amenities.

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