Morning Report: Jumping the shark.

I’m just going to say it, and it’s going to be out there. Ted Cruz has jumped the shark. Just, I get the memorial thing and the veterans and whatnot, but when you’re officially a Wonder Twins circus act with Sarah Palin, it’s just….guys, it’s over.

1. Two weeks later, CNN is still trying to prove that average Americans can get on the Obamacare health exchange website and sign up for cheap, low-deductible, heavily subsidized health insurance with ease. Two weeks later, they’re also still trying to get past the home page.

2. There was a computer glitch in the EBT system over the weekend that temporarily shut down SNAP and LINK cards. Residents of  one Louisiana town that feared it was the result of the government shutdown cleared the shelves in a local Wal-Mart. Order has been restored.

3. Apart from the camera-hogging sideshow, hundreds of veterans did storm memorials in Washington DC this weekend in an effort to reopen them to the public.

4. Residents of California have been concerned because the Obamacare health insurance exchange prices aren’t the deals that were initially expected. The good news is, according to the SF Chronicleyou can reduce your payments by reducing your income, so as to take advantage of everyone else’s money.

5. Thank heavens for Bob Costas or we’d never know how Bob Costas feels about the Washington Redskins.

Welcome to the week, America. It’s gonna be a good one.

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