Anthony Weiner will star on Law & Order: SVU. Sort of.

If you think about it, Anthony Weiner is basically the Miley Cyrus of politics. Like, I’m sure that, on most days, both of them just get out of bed, roll on some sweatpants and fire up the Weather Channel and deeply consider how their lives would have been had they chosen other careers. But the ten percent of the time they make it into public, they’re just always exposing a body part that you only want to see in Renaissance era art.

Anyway, Miley Cyrus took a shower this week and managed to put on a full dress, and Anthony Weiner has gone at least three weeks without getting into a public screaming match with a random New York City resident, so we can probably consider both to be on the upswing. Plus Miley has a hit song and that Halloween costume she licensed based off of her MTV music awards leotard is doing well. And Anthony Weiner will be guest starring in a couple of prime-time network legal dramas.

Sort of.

On the next episode of “Scandal,” political fixer Olivia Pope faces a particularly challenging client: a “sexting” lawmaker “caught with his pants down.”

Hmm, that sounds familiar …

And on Wednesday’s “Law and Order: SVU,” a politician, who “wants to be mayor of New York,” is accused of sending lewd pictures to a young woman online. The man’s pseudonym isn’t Carlos Danger, but it’s pretty close: He goes by Enrique Trouble.

Ripped from the headlines much? Both plots are clearly inspired by former Rep. Anthony Weiner and the troublesome sexting habit that forced his resignation from Congress and rocked his recent New York City mayoral bid.

Both the SVU and the Scandal plotlines do take liberties with Anthony Weiner’s story so he probably won’t be asking for royalties. On SVU, the sexting politician is communicating with a 15-year-old girl, and on Scandal, the politician’s cell phone habits are only the beginning of his problems because he also probably killed someone. And while Weiner may not find his television twins entirely palatable, at least they can serve to remind America that he still could have been worse.

Hopefully both characters at least get to wear those red pants.

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