Baltimore Ravens give up on football, will tackle only insurance exchanges.

The Baltimore Ravens are struggling on the field this season. After winning the Super Bowl last year, they’re just 3-4 and coming off a last-second loss to their arch-enemies the Steelers.

But at least they’re healthy. And want you to be, too, Americans.

Judicial Watch reports that the Ravens were paid $130,000 to promote ObamaCare in the team’s home state. Of course, that’s chump change when it comes to federal spending. We’d need to add at least three zeros to the left of the decimal point to even make this worth defunding.

Ironically, Maryland was one of the states that was supposedly ready and raring to go on Oct. 1. And yet, despite the advertising, etc., almost nobody has been able to get insurance in Maryland. Two weeks in, about 1,000 people had signed up. The state’s liberal governor (with an eye on running for president in 2016) admits the site won’t be fully functioning until December. If then.

So enjoy the NFL playoffs, Americans. The Ravens won’t be there. But they’ll be insured, even if you probably won’t be.

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