Mike Collins wants to be Jean-Claude Van Damme.

His campaign slogan is “Overhaul DC,” apparently in reference to his successful trucking business (over-hauling, har har), but Mike Collins has mostly been running on boyish good looks, his inexplicable hair, his affinity for high-waisted jeans, and his father’s legacy thus far (the Plan of Overhaul has yet to be unveiled, possibly, based on the following, because it’s so awesome, he can’t even tell you about it).

But, if his first campaign commercial – a parody of Van Damme’s early November Volvo commercial –  is any indication, this campaign to replace Rep. Paul Broun who is abandoning his slot to run for Senate in Georgia statewide, is going to at least try to be badass.

It’s good, but to replace Paul Broun, Collins is going to need a lot more fearsome-looking dead animals.

UPDATE: It seems Collins isn’t the only person to parody Van Damme’s Volvo bit. There’s also a version by this blogs favorite bloated catfish of a Canadian politician (and possibly the only Canadian politician this blog actually knows), Rob F***ing Ford.

I don’t even know if this is a real thing or just a fan-made Photoshop project, but either way, it’s spectacular.

[via Georgia Tipsheet]

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