Want more Ronald Reagan in your life? There’s an app for that.

America is obsessed with smart phones, which, while incredibly useful for people selling theater passes and airplane tickets (and those nifty Starbucks gift cards that become little barcodes on your phone when you punch in a number), leaves the legacies of our fair former Presidents in the dust of rotting books and degrading East Room replicas.

But not to fear, space age Tea Partiers. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library has devised a way for you  to carry the Gipper with you every where you go, whether you have immediate access to a keyboard or not. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, the Official Ronald Reagan App was born and launches today on the iTunes and Google Play stores.

The iconic 40th president of the United States is now featured in “Ronald Reagan: The Official App,” launched by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. The app provides speeches, video of the Gipper and quotes where you can be inspired by hearing Reagan’s famous sayings such as “there you go again” and “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

The app is free in iTunes and Google Play stores.

John Heubusch, executive director of the foundation, says the app goes beyond Reagan’s words. There are daily diary entries and schedules for Reagan’s eight years in the White House, snippets of interviews he gave after leaving Washington, photos, and a way to record your own video to submit for possible inclusion on the Reagan Foundation’s social media pages.

“This one-of-a-kind mobile app is the only one sanctioned and produced by President Reagan’s Foundation,” he said in a statement.

There are actually two versions of the app, the free one and a $2.99 one that includes the audio tour of the Reagan Presidential Library which I suspect is where you’ll find all of the really entertaining anecdotes.

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