George Clooney considering run for California governor.

clooneyEvery week, this story gets a little worse. George Clooney, who has made his living as a film star with a nascent interest in national politics and foreign affairs that has resulted in few real world results (other than a catfight with a Las Vegas casino mogul), has reportedly decided that he is ready to abandon his first serious interest and embrace the second.

According to the Daily Mail and other sources, Clooney is being pressured by his Hollywood friends to run for governor of California, which is an absolutely fantastic idea, provided California breaks off into the Pacific Ocean before Jerry Brown retires.

George Clooney is planning to run for Governor of California, according to his friends.

The actor, a noted political activist, is said to be be making the same move as fellow actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and planning the career change after he weds Briton Amal Alamuddin in September.

Clooney, 53, is known to have numerous political contacts – and even counts president Barack Obama as a close friend.

The actor and director’s friends say the president’s Democrat party now want him to run for office in the 2018 race…

‘George is hugely popular with the Democrats and where better a place to put him than as the Governor of California the home of Hollywood,’ a friend told the Sunday Mirror. 

‘It has always been a huge stronghold for the party and one that has a proven record for getting politicians in to the Oval office

Like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger before him, Clooney has little experience managing much of anything except his cosmetics bag, but has played a number of high-level elected leaders before, giving him a general idea of what sort of workload he’ll be staring down.

Clooney reportedly sees this move as a step to even bigger things, with friends noting that his newly-minted fiance, Amal Alamuddin, an international human rights attorney, would make an excellent First Lady. Clooney, for his part, says he has “no interest” in the position, but Hillary Clinton also says that and see where that’s got us.

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