386867_10150994885314405_461850878_nEditor-in-Chief, Emily Zanotti

Emily Zanotti is a 30 year old writer, comedian and political communication/public affairs professional who, over years of covering and participating in politics, developed a healthy cynicism for the American public and its elected officials. For the last decade or so, she’s followed candidates across the continental United States, marshaling the grassroots, teaching men and women who devoted their lives to public service how to be funny and covering their exploits for her former blog, The American Princess, and noted publications like National Review. Previous to that, she was a First Amendment attorney, but that job sucked, so she does more fun things now, like this.

In order of importance, things you should know: John McCain once looked at her boobs, she’s a radical libertarian, she doesn’t blog naked, she started writing like this in first grade, her imaginary friend is named “Lisa,” she went to law school, no she cannot get you out of a DUI, she has never lived in DC and can’t handle it for more than ten days at a time, there are photos of her on the Internet dressed up as beloved comic book characters, and you can follow her on Twitter: @emzanotti and contact her at emily [at] nakeddc.com. If you’re interested in hiring her to do things, you can check out her resume here.

She is available for parties, radio & television appearances, and for speaking gigs and will of course be on your panel, where she will intelligently answer your questions about why Republicans aren’t funny.