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Joe Biden predicted the war in Syria in 2012. Sort of.

When Mitt Romney declares that he’s running for President a third time, because you know it

George R.R. Martin will raise money for Sen. Tom Udall

George R.R. Martin is doing something special this October. No, it’s not releasing the next volume

Debbie Wasserman Schultz wanted the DNC to pay for her wardrobe

POLITICO has an exclusively exclusive article up that details the burgeoning rift between Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the

Mark Sanford broke up with his fiancee on Facebook.

Last week, while we were all still reeling from Sarah Palin’s redneck dogpile fistfight, we received

NakedDC will be dark this week as we address some changes.

I hate to say this, but we’ll be dark most of this week as I (Emily)

NH prosecutors won’t charge GOP chicken.

Last month, the New Hampshire GOP decided, possibly while severely intoxicated, to send a man dressed

Joan Rivers preemptively banned Michelle Obama from her funeral.

I feel like, if you want the First Lady of the United States to attend your

Barack Obama is sorry about that golfing thing.

President Obama is due to make a speech this week outlining his plan to stop ISIS.

Paris Hilton is part of our Iraq strategy, or something.

As if the people of Kuwait were not already subject to an uptick in violent aggression,

The Bush twins failed to list themselves as Republicans.

This is notable only because Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hagar are both potential Presidential contenders for the