Michelle Obama’s Clothes Archive

Michelle Obama might have plastic surgery or Botox.

Michelle Obama is back in Washington after her brief vacation in Hawaii, where she engaged in

Michelle Obama has made everyone on Maui angry.

Michelle Obama is almost at the end of her birthday week at Oprah’s lavish Maui estate,

Michelle Obama is having a girl’s getaway with Oprah’s pals in Hawaii now.

Barack Obama flew home to DC with his daughters to continue his aggressive push to reform

Michelle Obama’s hairstylist has the world’s best Instagram.

I’m pretty sure I’m in love with Johnny Wright. He’s First Lady Michelle Obama’s hairstylist and

Michelle Obama understands how bad those shorts were, America.

It’s taken Michelle Obama the better part of her husbands two terms to navigate the pitfalls

Kanye West thinks Kim Kardashian is hotter than Michelle Obama.

Anna Wintour, who publishes Vogue magazine is reputed to be a stickler for style, punctuality and coffee

Barack Obama cannot get Michelle Obama on board with this Syria thing.

It is often said that while First Ladies don’t really wield much power, other than to

Michelle Obama’s trench coat costs almost as much as her hotel.

Yesterday, everyone was freaking out that Michelle Obama was staying in a $3,300-a-night hotel, but #bqhatevwr.

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